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In Antequera Golf we are proud of our facilities and our ecological golf course in a privileged location, at the foot of the Natural Park of El Torcal, chosen Unesco World Heritage in 2016.

There are many factors that make Antequera Golf an ecological playing field. The first is the flora that accompanies it throughout the tour, which is completely indigenous and changes its appearance throughout the year, making it the perfect place to repeat experience in different seasons.

Along the route will be surrounded by 16 lakes and a field whose vegetation is made up of olive trees, aromatic plants, oaks, low scrub and protected plant species such as the majuelo … a true representation of the locality in which it is located and with a Unforgettable landscape as is El Torcal.

Another of the factors that make ours an ecological golf course is the fauna. During the sporting experience along 18 holes you can see animal species such as wild ducks, partridges and hares.

From Antequera Golf Group we take care of both the fauna and the flora that make our facilities so special and we know that they have managed to put on the map our golf course in Malaga.

In addition, a golf course can bring great benefits to the environment as it removes a large amount of CO2 from the atmosphere that contributes to the greenhouse effect. This happens thanks to the vegetation of which we have spoken but also thanks to the water rafts like the 16 lakes that our land, that represents an absorption between 25 to 50 times superior to the absorption realized by the forests, as the studies show Recent studies on artificial lagoons in agricultural areas, carried out by the University of Iowa (USA) with the collaboration of the Spanish CSIC.

Our golf course is not one of those with artificial appearance that waste water and plant species difficult to maintain, we are aware of the environment, which contributes so much to this region, and also contributes to our visitors have a more authentic experience and Satisfactory.

The topographic design of our golf course in Antequera was also carried out with a view to the conservation, taking into account the topography and geomorphology of the natural relief.

For this and much more we are proud of our facilities and we invite you to come and visit them at any time of the year, each with its peculiarities. Thus, not only will you discover the beauty of the terrain, but you will also be able to demonstrate your worth as a player, as it is an 18-hole, par-72 track on an area of ​​50 hectares designed by the Ryder Cup player , José Mª Cañizares, and which is known to be a demanding slope 145 golf course.

Come and enjoy the Antequera Golf experience! Headquarters of important events and championships of golf that has hosted for five years The Home Nations Championship, among other great tournaments. In this link you can make your reservation online.