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In the Antequera Golf Group we are a national and international sports reference and every year we host high level sports events and concentrations such as the Milan Junior Camp.

This historic club worldwide operates the 34 countries and arrives in Antequera to bring its philosophy of training in values ​​through football in order that its participants reach the highest competitive level either to become professionals to enjoy this sport with a proven teaching method after more than 20 years of experience.

For all this, for the facilities, the professionalism and the great experience in organizing sporting events, the AC MILAN has chosen the facilities of the Antequera Golf Group as the official headquarters of its Milan Junior Camp in Andalusia this summer.

One of the main reasons why the biggest choose to come here is the sports facilities, since we have a turf soccer field with official measures, a 7-a-side soccer field, in addition to the 18-hole golf course. Also, among our facilities there is a complete gym prepared for the preparation of elite athletes, SPA’s Fitness, jacuzzi, heated pool, Turkish bath, Scottish shower and sauna. The best for the best!

The objectives of this Campus are, on the one hand, improvement of the level of game of the participants, since this type of meetings suppose a jump of quality for the player, working of the hand of one of the most prestigious clubs of the world as it is the AC MILAN.

On the other hand, the Milan Junior Camp works in these concentrations in the integration of players from different backgrounds, in an environment of sports discipline with special focus on the learning of human values. Great arguments to point your children to this campus that this year is in Antequera.

AC Milan guarantees excellent training and training and, of course, the Antequera Golf Group will always be up to the task, guaranteeing for its part the best sports facilities, accommodation and restaurants, in a perfect location for the concentration of participants as for relaxation.

In this soccer camp children will have the opportunity to train and be evaluated by the technicians of the quarry of AC MILAN, who every day work in the training of soccer players with the aim of making them professional.

Analytical and global work sessions, structured for your level of play; complemented with talks and parallel activities that will make you improve as a player in an integral way.

The goalkeepers will enjoy a specific job of the best level led by former goalkeepers and professional trainers with high experience.

The work sessions will be adapted to your level of play and your age. You will have the opportunity to train with a technical staff that will make you improve your technique, your tactical game, your skills and the way in which you interpret the game. In addition, the children will coexist with players of their age from other clubs and that will make you measure your level with other guys who have your same illusion.

They will learn about the daily life of professional soccer players (they will eat like a professional, they will rest in a hotel like them, they will know the rules of discipline …). They will feel football professionals for a week.